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 Title  Moondance
It seems that no matter how beloved is the land the Irish are always leaving. Jobs in American, missionary work in Africa, wars in Europe--the list goes on. And yet, on the other side is the strong sense of family. How do these two disparate agendas reconcile? They don't; they leave families and lives shattered. Generation after generation, the Irish must endure the fact that some family member will be far away, maybe indefinitely. The two boys in this story have a mother in Africa. No sooner does she return than they develop wondering feet themselves. There is a sense that "there must be something more to life." The love triangle between the two boys (one a preteen) and a German girl leads to an unwholesome and sad ending. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1995      Type    Drama    Rating    R
 Director   Dagmar Hirtz  Writer   Mark Watters
 Cast  Rúaidhrí Conroy , Ian Shaw, Julia Brendler, Marianne Faithfull,
  Brendan Grace, Jasmine Russell


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