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 Title  Man of Aran
This docu-drama shows vivid scenes of the Aran Islands documenting the soil making and shark fishing techniques of the islanders. You will see storms rage and waves pound, but you will not see the more humdrum aspects of island life. No narration is used thus some knowledge of the subject is needed. For example a man is shown repairing his coracle (oilcloth-hulled boot). The causal observer might not notice the unusual and ancient construction, let alone understand its uniqueness in 20th century Europe. Additional features include the making of the film with interviews of the islanders and a biographical piece on director, Robert Flaherty. In these features, that clearly augment the understanding of the film, you see the greener, quieter side or Aran. Get this DVD
 Year    1934      Type    Doc    Rating    NR
 Director   Robert J. Flaherty  Writer   Robert J. Flaherty
 Cast  Colman 'Tiger' King, Maggie Dirrane, Michael Dillane, Pat Mullin,
 Patch 'Red Beard' Ruadh, Patcheen Faherty


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