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"All Our Fault"

by Daniel Mornin

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 Title  Nothing Personal
Set in Belfast during the 1975 ceasefire, the film shows us a war fought not by soldiers but by rival gangs. The factions police themselves and leave the police out. Neighborhoods are partitioned off with barricades. One of the Protestants, a member of the 'Shankill Road Loyalists,' declares their purpose is to actively drive the Catholics out or 'South' as he puts it. He also claims that it's 'nothing personal' to a Catholic he's beating in the street. It's tribal warfare. They instruct the next generation to carry on the prejudice. But, a strange thing happens when a Catholic found on the wrong side of the barricade turns out to be an old friend before the troubles. We know that loyalty is important, the question is to whom. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1997       Type    Drama     Rating    R
 Director   Thaddeus O'Sullivan  Writer   Daniel Mornin
 Cast  Ian Hart, John Lynch, James Frain, Michael Gambon, Gary Lydon,
  Jeni Courtney


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