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 Title  On the Irish Whiskey Trail
Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of whiskey brewing, the distilling techniques being brought home with Irish monks. The exceptional quality of the barley and water make Ireland an ideal place for brewing whiskey. This film is as much a tribute to Ireland as it is to the whiskey produced there. Set to lush Irish music and scenic views of the Emerald Isle, the narrator tells the story of the Irish brew. Part history lesson, part travelogue, the origins of Jamison, Bushmills, Powers, and Paddy are set in time and place. A detailed explanation of the distilling processes including the differences between Irish whiskey and Scottish whisky (Note the different Scottish spelling). The film finishes with the history of major brewers and how boycotts from Britain and prohibition in the US rocked the industry over the years and how Irish whiskey rebounded and flourished despite it all. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2003      Type    Doc    Rating    NR
 Producer  Liam Dale  Director  Liam Dale
 Narrator  David Keogh
 Subjects  Irish whiskey, Irish history, Irish mythology


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