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"A Prayer for the Dying"
by Jack Higgins

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 Title  A Prayer for the Dying
This potpourri of ambiguous morals boils down to who can remain blameless in this cruel world. All the characters have hands stained with blood, including the priest who had been a soldier. Our flawed hero, Fallon, wishes to escape the killing after years of being a hit man for the IRA. The mobster, who seeks to eliminate his competition, permanently, will not allow his customers (his front is a funeral home) to be cheated. Even the priest's young niece, forced to defend herself, will suffer the question of kill or be killed. Is there redemption for murder? For spilling innocent blood? Will these circumstances destroy our faith in god, or will forgiveness redeem us? Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year        1987  Type     Drama  Rating   R
 Director  Mike Hodges  Writer  Edmund Ward
 Cast  Mickey Rourke, Bob Hoskins, Alan Bates, Sammi Davis,
  Christopher Fulford, Liam Neeson


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