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 Title  Pete's Meteor
Children growing up in the Dublin slums, as in other poor cities around the world, are exposed to crime and drugs. In our story, three siblings who lost their parents through drugs are teased by the other children in the neighborhood. They tremble on the brink of losing their innocence. But, when a meteor lands in their backyard they are exposed to life outside their small neighborhood. They now focus on the meteor and the scientist and his girlfriend who befriend them. The Irish here (even the junkie and the policeman) appear as smart, understanding and considerate but the scientist, often a target of negative stereotype, is made an object of ridicule. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2002       Type    Drama     Rating    R
 Director  Joe O'Byrne  Writer   Joe O'Byrne
 Cast  Alfred Molina, Brenda Fricker, Mike Myers, Dervla Kirwan,
  John Kavanagh, Ian Costello


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