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"The Lost Child of Philomena Lee"

by Martin Sixsmith

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 Title  Philomena
We all know of orphans from China and South America being adopted by American families. The untold story is that Irish babies, for decades, were taken from teen mothers by the Catholic Church and put up for adoption. The Madeleine Sisters took in unwed pregnant teens and forced them to work at hard labor (usually in laundries). Their babies were put up for adoption. This is the true story of one such orphan and the mother who searched for him, a search hampered by the sad interference of the church. In true Irish fashion, the tale unfolds with wit and wisdom, never failing to bring out the light side of the situation. It is touching and telling that when the mother finds a picture of her lost, but now grown son, he is wearing an Irish harp pin. See also: The Magdalene Sisters Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2013      Type   Drama    Rating   PG-13
 Director  Stephen Frears  Writer  Steve Coogan
 Cast  Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Sophie Kennedy Clark,
  Mare Winningham, Barbara Jefford, Ruth McCabe
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