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"Studs Lonigan"
by James T. Farrell
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 Title  Studs Lonigan
This is the story of young men growing up in a 1920's Chicago Irish ghetto. The original novel, by James T. Farrell, gives numerous details of the Irish-American customs, habits and prejudices. The film, however, concentrates on the young men's inner lives: the fears that they may be no better of than their fathers, the belief that they have missed out on the American dream. The pursuit of happiness has degraded into the race for cheap trills before you're too old to enjoy them. And finally, set adrift from society and feeling hopeless, they turn to crime. Link to reviews
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 Year    1960      Type    Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Irving Lerner  Writer  Philip Yordan
 Cast  Christopher Knight, Frank Gorshin, Jack Nicholson,
  Venetia Stevenson, Carolyn Craig


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