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"The Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry"
by Rosalie Fry

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 Title  The Secret of Roan Inish
Between the story of the working fisherman and the myth of the selkies is captured the mood and climate of the West of Ireland. From the book The Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry this film weaves two stories together, one of life today and one of life before, when the West was still fairly populated. Some believe the myth of the selkie, the seal that becomes human, sprung from the children with big dark eyes like seals that resulted from mixing with the stranded Spaniards of the Armada. Some Irish families claim to be descendants from selkies. See also The Seventh Stream. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1995      Type   Family    Rating   PG
 Director  John Sayles  Writer  Rosalie Fry
 Cast  Jeni Courtney, Mick Lally, John Lynch, Eileen Colgan,
 Richard Sheridan, Susan Lynch


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