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 Title  Shergar: Discover the Heart of a Champion
The Irish are known to cherish horses and many a horse trainer and jockey hail from Ireland. One of Ireland's most cherished horses was the champion racehorse Shergar. He won the 1981 English Derby and the Irish Derby Stakes making him famous and highly desirable as a stud. All went terribly wrong in 1983 when he was kidnapped (presumably by the IRA) outside Dublin. Though the circumstances were never truly clear, this film uses all of the known facts of his abduction. The rest of the story is filled in with the tale of a groom who comes to love the stolen horse and the Travellers who help him. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   1999      Type   Drama    Rating   PG-13
 Director  Dennis C. Lewiston  Writer  Dennis C. Lewiston
 Cast  David Warner, Mickey Rourke, Ian Holm, Andrew Connolly, Tom Walsh


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