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 Title  The Dead
This is the last short story in James Joyce's "Dubliners." Set at a party in 1904 Dublin during the early days of Sinn Fein, the story subtly exposes the hypocrisy of those Irish, who except for their Catholic religion, talk, dress, and behave exactly like the British, all the while decrying the "West Britons" as traitorous to Ireland. The party takes place on the day of Epiphany in the Christian calendar. Look closely for an epiphany in each of the characters. Link to reviews
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 Year   1987      Type   Drama    Rating   PG
 Director  John Houston  Writer  Tony Huston
 Cast  Anjelica Huston, Donal McCann, Helena Carroll, Cathleen Delaney,
 Ingrid Craigie, Rachael Dowling, Frank Patterson, Colm Meaney


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