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 Title  Trojan Eddie
The Irish are not noted for love of money. If anything, they are seen as too easy going about business and unambitious. Thus, when an Irishman becomes obsessed with money it spurs worry or even contempt in others; the Irish cannot stomach avariciousness. At first glance, Trojan Eddie, his boss, and his boss's girlfriend are all consumed by want of money. But looking deeper we understand what they really want. Trojan Eddie wants to be his own man. The boss's Tinker (Traveller) girlfriend wants a permanent home, and his boss, love. They all see money as their ticket to what they want. We learn lust for money is a personal failing and lust for another will be your undoing. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1996      Type    Drama    Rating    NR
 Director   Gillies MacKinnon  Writer   Billy Roche
 Cast   Stephen Rea, Richard Harris, Stuart Townsend, Aislín McGuckin,
  Brendan Gleeson, Sean McGinley


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