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Original play
"The Field"
by John B. Keane

The Irish in Film
A Complete List of Irish Films

 Title  The Field
Set in the rugged west coast of Ireland where the land is rocky and infertile, this film explores the land lust of those left behind when the rest of the inhabitants went to seek "greener pastures." Filled with righteous indignation and contempt for the emigrants, the people of the west struggle to regain and keep their land though from it they can barely scratch out a living. Prominent to the story are the Tinkers or Travelers, those who wander Ireland in caravans. They serve as a stark reminder that there is another way. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1990      Type    Drama    Rating   PG-13
 Director  Jim Sheridan  Writer  Jim Sheridan
 Cast  Richard Harris, John Hurt, Tom Berenger, Sean Bean,
  Brenda Fricker, Brendan Gleeson


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