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"The General:
Irish Mob Boss
By Paul Williams

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 Title  The General    (UK: I Once Had a Life)
Based on the book by Paul Williams, this film tells the story of Martin Cahill the notorious thief and gang leader who ruled the underprivileged Dublin neighborhood of Hollyfield in the 1980's. While many were oppressed under the church's authoritarianism and the government's ridiculously high taxes, Cahill made a fortune stealing while avoiding paying taxes and still collecting the Dole. What was striking about Cahill was that he used the establishment's own laws against it, making him impossible to convict (the few times he actually got caught). His Robinhoodesque adventures made him the Jesse James of his time. Get this DVD
 Year    1998      Type    Action    Rating   R
 Director  John Boorman  Writer  John Boorman
 Cast  Brendan Gleeson, Adrian Dunbar, Sean McGinley, Maria Doyle Kennedy,
  Angeline Ball, Jon Voight, Eamonn Owens


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