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 Title  The Playboys
Over the years emigration has starved the west of Ireland for woman. It began with the mass exodus of the famine and continues to this day. In 1957, in a border town with the north, a beautiful young woman struggles to keep herself free. Though many men in the village want to marry her, all they can offer her is a life of drudgery and poverty. She holds out for an opportunity to go to America or at least Dublin. The whole village, spurred on by the authority figures in the village, the priest and the constable, pressures her to choose a man there. Which is more important, the group or the individual? Link to reviews
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 Year    1992      Type    Drama    Rating   PG-13
 Director  Gillies MacKinnon  Writer  Shane Connaughton
 Cast  Albert Finney, Aidan Quinn, Robin Wright, Milo O'Shea,
  Alan Devlin, Adrian Dunbar


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