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 Title  Ulysses
James Joyce's novel Ulysses describes only one day, June 16, 1904, in the lives of Leopold Bloom and Stephan Dedalus (the author's self-portrait). This slice of life gradually reveals its characters through flashes of thoughts, memories, and fantasies. The film does a good job of depicting the literary and poetic prose of the novel by using ample text from the novel heard as the thoughts of the characters. The only overt liberty taken is setting the film in contemporary Dublin rather than at the turn of the century. The film closes, as does the novel, with Molly's famous unpunctuated speech about life, love, and the characters of men and women. See also: Bloom Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year        1967  Type     Drama  Rating   NR
 Director  Joseph Strick  Writer  Fred Haines
 Cast  Barbara Jefford, Milo O'Shea, Maurice RoŽves, T.P. McKenna,
  Martin Dempsey, Sheila O'Sullivan


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