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Original book
"La Guerre des Boutons"
by Louis Pergaud

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 Title  War of the Buttons
Snobbery is a sin in Ireland--at least that is how it seems. Putting on heirs is not tolerated even in the rich. In this film we see life in a rural Irish village through the eyes of its children. Two groups, one well off, the other not so, fight it out to see who is best. The class distinction between the children is obvious, but perhaps there is deeper meaning. The clash begins with nothing more than one-upmanship, but ends in violence and destruction. This is a remake of the French film La Guerre des boutons, 1962. So much for the anti-snob theory. Link to reviews
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 Year  1995  Type  Family  Rating  PG
 Director  John Roberts Writer   Colin Welland
 Cast  Greg Fitzgerald, Gerard Kearney, Darag Naughton,
  Brendan McNamara, John Coffey, Paul Batt, Karl Byrne


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