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The Irish in Film
A Complete List of Irish Films

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Listed here are over 400 films with Irish subjects or characters that are or have been available in the US. Choose a film by category or find them alphabetically by title. You can search for films by director or year. Sorting film lists by year gives a greater perspective of how the Irish image has changed and how, in recent years, the number of new Irish films has grown.

Stereotyping of the Irish in Film

Stereotyping has its ebbs and flows as well. The Irish and their descendents, the Irish immigrants to the US and other places around the globe, are the subjects of many films. Early Irish film fell neatly into stereotypical categories such as: mobsters, policemen and priests. Later these would evolve into: leprechauns, viragos, rogues, charmers, drunks and long-suffering women.

Recently, there is a renewed interest in all things Irish. The Irish and Irish-Americans are the subjects of many new films. And in this politically correct age, greater depth and reality have crept into films about the Irish. With an unflinching eye, the Irish and the Old Country are shown for all their faults and virtues.

Irish themes, characters and stories appear in films made in England, Australia and The United States. Ireland, of course, produces films as well. The perspective of some filmmakers may be somewhat different from the perspectives of the subjects of the film. Films produced in Ireland are far less quaint and stereotyped than films about Ireland produced elsewhere. Still, the Irish image has fared far better than some, especially in recent years. read more...   

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