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 Title  Waiting for Dublin
In the tiny coastal village of McGilligan's Point two planes crash down in the last days of World War II. One was German and the other, American. Ireland, being neutral, kept both sides as prisoners of war. This arraignment, of course, leads to tensions (used here for comic effect). The locals are a quaint bunch who live on Irish time knowing that 'life is too short to be in a rush.' They help in any way they can. But, not surprisingly, end up frustrating the foreigners in their ceaseless race against time. The lone British character accepts his fate and thus can lay back and enjoy someone else being to butt of shenanigans for a change. See also, The Brylcreem Boys, another film about WWII where British and German soldiers are held in the same prison camp. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2007      Type   Comedy    Rating   NR
 Director  Roger Tucker  Writer  Chuck Conaway
 Cast  Andrew Keegan, David Wilmot, Jade Yourell, Frank Kelly, Pat Laffan,
  Hugh O'Conor


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