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 Title  Liam
Many Irish have crossed the narrow Irish Sea to find work in England. Liverpool, a major English seaport that stands on the west coast just across from Ireland, has a high Irish population. In fact, Irish dock workers were ubiquitous until automation in the 1980's reduced the needed manpower to a fraction. In this film, open hatred between the protestant natives and the Irish Catholic immigrants is portrayed. The continued poverty of the Irish, even when there is work, is shown to be caused by oppression from the Catholic church, a distorted understanding of loyalty, and pride. Yet, Irish Catholic emigrants, no different than those shown here, have thrived in Australia and America. See also: The Fifteen Streets Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2000      Type   Drama    Rating  R
 Director  Stephen Frears  Writer  Jimmy McGovern
 Cast  Ian Hart, Claire Hackett, Anthony Borrows, David Hart, Megan Burns


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